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Helllooo! I’m Toni. Lesbian. I live in Canada, am a major lover of coffee and punk music, and love spending time outside =)

Come say hi♡ 

Samantha, 17, Wellington, NZ.

Message me, follow me, whatever you like :)


Name is Corina and I am 21. Residing in the midwest in Minnesota [USA]. Love photography, vintage, autumn, night walks, reading, making new recipes.

Kik: rainy_sundays6

Samantha, 20, just transferred to the University of Memphis. Come say hi!

im bekah, 18, living in california. come say ello

ig: xrebekahrosex

I look way more badass in this picture than I actually am. Come talk me, yo. 


Looking for friendship, someone to talk too. 

I love all things morbid and different. Gaming and horror movies get me through bad times. Lucozade & Peanut Butter KitKat Chunkies <3 STAR WARS <3 I have 6 tattoo’s and 3 piercings..