May or may not have posted here before but the more, the merrier, eh?

Brandyn | 24 Years Old | South Carolinian | Single/Queer | Likes things that are considered “geeky” like video games, anime, comics, & a tiny bit of sci-fi. Also am a lover of music, especially power metal.

I am an artist, singer - even though I think I’m not too good at it, & filled with nothing but love. Would like to meet/make friends & perhaps potentials for something more.  So come follow me, I tend to follow back & I don’t bite… hard. ;3 <3

Becca. 20. Ny/Pa. College. Psychology Major. Talk to me   :)

Aleah. Twenty two. Lesbian. Ohio. Let’s be friends.

Hey, I’m Becca.

From Scotland (UK)

drop a message, I don’t bite (:

| Jojo | 19 yrs | NY |I’m the type of girl who loves to laugh and have a great time!! 

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Kelly. 18. 860. trying to find girls near me but all are welcome :)


I just really like bacon pizza, skateboarding, and nutella.


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Hey babes! :) 
Tori. 18. I love everyone! :) 

Amelia. rugby. longboarding. videos. 

hi, hmu, i love talking to new ppl.  


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