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Riley. 20. Colorado. Awkward. Nerd. Single.

I really suck at these, but this is me. Take it or leave it.   

I’m really nice I swear and funny sometimes too. Come talk to me :)

Nineteen | Toronto | Hit up my inbox, looking for moaaar friends

Ottawa girls hit me up! :)

Destiny. 18. Louisiana

The name’s Dani. I’m from North Carolina but currently traveling around Thailand and the rest of S.E. Asia. I love craft beer and water gun fights and I’m always up for an adventure! Come get to know me.

I’m Katie, 18, Kansas.

I like going to concerts, Orphan Black and sweet tea. Come say hi :)

Hi im madi, I love anime, animals,plants,tattoos, i love eating, im trying to become a vegetation, i love meeting new people and laughing :D

Hey, I’m corrina. Southern Cali born & raised, adventuring around New Zealand for a while. In love with making coffee, painting and meeting new people. <a href=”"></a>

Names Kate(:

Looking for new friends/relations/kickass blogs to follows. Check out my blog, it’s pretty dope!